Dog training

Allevamento dei Templari organizes customized dog training courses for all levels near Milan.

Our dog training courses aim at training consciously your four-legged friends and they are conceived for pure-bred dogs and half-breed dogs with the utmost professionalism that only the experience of Allevamento dei Templari can ensure, in a quiet and friendly atmosphere respecting the wellbeing of your dog.
dog that listens to his owner and obeys him gets seldom into trouble: the most important factor affecting the training success is the owner with his resolution and perseverance.

Why should you train your dog?

Training your dog is not only a duty, but also an opportunity to improve your life as well as your dog’s life. In this way having a four-legged animal becomes a wonderful experience, which is still better if your friend is well trained and can follow you everywhere: he can keep still and come back to you when you call him, he is a nice fellow for your walks because he does not pull on the leash and he can be freed and run (where it is allowed).

It is essential that children and young people learn the dog’s language interacting correctly with him to avoid unpleasant accidents.

When must you train your dog?

– He jumps up at people
– He begs food when people are at table
– He annoys guests
– He does not come back when you call him
– He pulls on the leash

What is the result of training?

Your dog will be well accepted almost everywhere because he behaves correctly with people and the other dogs. The greatest advantage of training is safety: your safety and your dog’s safety.