Training courses for dogs

Each dog has his own training course: choose the most suitable one.

You will find below all the training courses of our breeding centre:

PUPPY CLASS: it is a socialization course for puppies from 3 to 7 years of age.
BASIC OBEDIENCE: this course is addressed to those who want a trained and quiet dog, under control in every situation. Each dog must know 5 main commands: sit – down – stay – come – leave it.
ADVANCED OBEDIENCE: it is the continuation of the basic obedience.
RALLY OBEDIENCE: the Rally-O is a relatively young sports discipline born in America in 2000. It consists of a series of signs representing the various stations of a course. The Rally-Obedience is the natural continuation of a dog’s basic training.
UTILITY AND DEFENCE: it includes all the working trials for the utility breeds using the muzzle as well, that is the ability to guide effectively and sensibly the natural instinct of predaciousness. A good relationship between the handler and the dog and a very good knowledge of basic training is required to train your dog with this discipline.
PREPARATION FOR CAE-1: CAE-1 is a test aiming at certifying that a dog is socially reliable and without behavioural problems considering the dog-handler couple in everyday life.
BEHAVIOURAL ADVICE: a specific help according to your requirements and your dog’s needs.
CHOOSE YOUR DOG OR YOUR PUPPY: the family will be followed in the choice of the dog to adopt according to their requirements and living habits.
THE DOG AND A CHILD’S BIRTH: the suitable techniques for preparing the dog to a child’s birth will be supplied
ACTIVITIES DEVOTED TO CHILDREN: if you have children, they will be involved in your dog’s training with techniques that suit their age.
INTERVENTIONS IN SCHOOLS: the instructors organize meetings for children/young people attending the primary, middle and high school.

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